Plaintiff Demands $10 Million for Alleged Nexium Complications

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Between September 2006 and September 2013, George Mullen used Nexium multiple times as prescribed by his doctor, just like countless other patients who suffer from heartburn and acid reflux. But had he known that it would allegedly lead to his chronic kidney disease, he never would have used Nexium, claims his lawsuit. Mullen filed the product liability lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York on August 26, 2016. He demands $10 million in compensatory damages for his medical expenses, ongoing medical needs, and other losses.

A quick look at Nexium

Nexium (esomeprazole) is a proton pump inhibitor. It works by lowering the amount of acid in the stomach. Doctors may prescribe Nexium and other drugs in this class of medicines to treat the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, and other medical conditions that involve the excessive production of stomach acid. Nexium is also prescribed to support healing of the esophagus among patients with erosive esophagitis. It is not intended for short-term or immediate relief of heartburn.

The potential risks of Nexium

According to his product liability lawsuit, Mullen states that he was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease in 2008, which would have been about two years after his first use of Nexium. In addition to being diagnosed with kidney disease, the plaintiff suffers from other “serious and dangerous side effects… and personal injuries, which are permanent and lasting in nature, physical pain and mental anguish, including diminished enjoyment of life, as well as the need for lifelong medical treatment, monitoring, and/or medications.”

To support his claims, Mullen’s lawsuit references numerous scientific studies that suggest there is a link between proton pump inhibitors and an increased risk of acute and chronic kidney disease. For instance, in April of 2015, the medical journal CMAJ Open published a study that indicated that patients were three times more likely to be diagnosed with acute interstitial nephritis and 2.5 times more likely to have an acute kidney injury if they used proton pump inhibitors.

Just one month later, researchers from the Department of Veterans Affairs released the results of their study. It indicated that patients were 96 percent more likely to be diagnosed with kidney failure and 28 percent more likely to be diagnosed with chronic kidney disease if they used Nexium or other proton pump inhibitors.

Mullen’s lawsuit joins a growing number of claims filed against the makers of proton pump inhibitors. The lawsuits typically demand that the defendants be held liable for failing to provide adequate warnings to healthcare providers and patients about the potential complications of these drugs.

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