Consumer Protection Ligitation

Bonsignore Trial Lawyers strive to give our clients a 110% effort.

Giving a client a 110% effort means not skimping on evidentiary resources. We walk the walk, not just talk the talk. For example, we advanced over two (2) million dollars in a single case to insure our clients eventually received just compensation they were awarded. In antitrust cases, we routinely hire multiple preeminent experts. We routinely hire IT experts to obtain our clients electronic data so that our business clients can focus on generating income, and not on litigation. In a product liability action, we purchased the machine in issue. In an auto case we rented helicopters, trucks and vehicles prior to filming evidence admitted at trial. In a case involving the facial disfigurement of a child, we retained the services of multiple experts to prepare an age progression sequence. We lie awake at night so our clients can sleep.