Business & Commercial Litigation

About Business and Commercial Litigation

Owning a business almost guarantees that you will be in civil court at some point. You may be forced to file a business lawsuit against a customer who refuses to pay an invoice or against another company that is fixing prices and artificially increasing your costs. Business owners hire lawyers to help protect their interests and navigate the legal process.

When such a conflict or lawsuit arises, Bonsignore Trial Lawyers will solve your legal and business needs in a creative, energy efficient and cost effective manner. Our goal is to have business clients consider us their “trusted legal advisor”. Our clients are our focus and our only priority.

Businesses, organizations and governmental clients seek out Bonsignore Trial Lawyers because we provide expert practical and responsive service without intruding into your ongoing operations. Bonsignore Trial Lawyers appreciate the fact that your business is not in the business of lawsuits, and we work hard to keep your focus on your business’s profit-generating activities, not litigation.

Bonsignore Trial Lawyers’ extensive experience with complex business cases enables the firm to litigate in an organized and timely manner. With years of experience prosecuting business cases, complex litigation and class actions, the firm has refined its litigation practice to be highly efficient. We have developed systems and protocols that minimize the time and effort our business clients are asked to spend proving their case.

Bonsignore Trial Lawyers is committed to providing the highest quality of service. At the outset of each new relationship, we communicate openly with you to insure that your needs and goals are clear and any solution to your needs is well-considered. We identify the appropriate legal solution. Communicating our opinions to you and receiving your approval, we will execute the best legal strategy. The quality of our strategic thinking and the results you will receive are best achieved through a cooperative effort. Understanding the goals, challenges, critical issues and opportunities of individual clients allows us to maximize our strategic thinking and develop win-win resolutions.

We have a strong record of success confronting wrongdoers who engage in bad business practices. For example, we regularly prove claims against those who rig bids, engage in activities that violate United States antitrust laws, steal business opportunities, take property, break promises or otherwise cause our clients to suffer economic loss. We will first attempt to reach a reasonable settlement; however, if such a resolution is impossible, we will force wrongdoers to make our clients whole through the courts.

Our expertise as trial lawyers motivates opponents to quickly recognize the value of fair arms-length negotiation and alternative dispute resolution. We also welcome the opportunity to meet our opponents in the courtroom when necessary. We draw upon an established network of resources and state-of-the-art technologies. Some say that our success is due to a “tough” attitude. We call it having a passion for justice and fairness.

Bonsignore Trial Lawyers has acted as general, special and trial counsel for businesses ranging from multinational corporations to sole proprietorships. We have advised cities and counties in a variety of states on causes of action that may allow them to acquire revenue and on laws that prevent them from recovering budget funds taken by lawbreakers. We have also acted as trial and special counsel for unions, states, state officials, and cities. We take great pride in our work and results. We work hard to earn from each client the trust and confidence required to be looked to as their “trusted advisor.”


Comprehensive Business Dispute Representation

Our law firm represents individuals, small businesses, unions and corporations throughout the United States in all types of business disputes, including:

  • Antitrust and price fixing
  • Arbitration
  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty (including unsuitable investment recommendations by brokers)
  • Business torts (fraud and unfair business practices)
  • Investment fraud
  • Trade secrets litigation
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Mergers and business transactions gone awry
  • Predatory lending practices
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • International business law disputes
  • Stock related claims
  • Securities related claims
  • Whistle blower actions
  • Royalty payments

Business clients seek out Bonsignore Trial Lawyers because of our aggressive response to problems facing businesses and our proven ability to solve them. The quality of our strategic thinking comes from a cooperative effort with each business client. At the outset of each new relationship, Bonsignore Trial Lawyers will devote their energy and resources to gaining a thorough knowledge of the individual business and the market in which they compete. Bonsignore Trial Lawyers combine that knowledge with the professional skills of the lawyers and support staff and our focus on practical and responsive service. We seek to identify and meet each client’s individual basic legal needs and strive to help them solve specialized legal and business problems in a creative, energy-efficient and cost-effective manner.

For business clients, the overriding focus of Bonsignore Trial Lawyers is the identification of the best way to meet the immediate needs of the client while insuring that long-term benefits will be preserved and enhanced. Our focus is to help clients clarify goals, find practical business solutions and achieve results. Our expertise as trial lawyers assists opponents to quickly recognize the value of fair arms-length negotiation and alternative dispute resolution.

To insure that we meet our guarantee that all phone calls and emails are immediately returned, we provide our business clients with the home and cell phone numbers of the lawyer assigned their case. We also invite our business clients to provide our home and cell phone numbers to their employees, family or friends who have a legal concern. Case related or not, it will be promptly addressed. This is our way of saying thank you. We appreciate that there are lots of law firms you can pick from, and this is one way we can show our appreciation.

We take great pride in stating that we are there for you, whenever you need us. This offer to be there for you and yours is one of the many benefits that Bonsignore Trial Lawyers offers that separate us from other law firms. We encourage our business clients to contact us 24/7.