J&J Hit With $70 Million Verdict in Risperdal Trial

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Risperdal pill bottleGynecomastia, or excessive male breast growth, is a physically and emotionally devastating potential side effect of Risperdal, an antipsychotic drug manufactured by Johnson &Johnson and sold by its subsidiary Janssen. The side effect has sparked litigation across the country, with plaintiffs leveling charges of negligence, strict products liability and failure to warn. In another major setback to J&J, a Philadelphia jury found the company liable for failing to warn a young Tennessee man about gynecomastia risks with the medication. The panel also found that J&J “intentionally falsified, destroyed or concealed evidence in the case,” reports a copy of the Risperdal verdict handed down last month.

Attorneys for plaintiff Andrew Yount claims their client developed female breasts at the tender age of five as a direct result of his Risperdal exposure. Yount, who is now 16 years-old, was awarded $70 million by the Philadelphia jury for his emotional distress, medical bills and physical suffering. The judgement dwarfs a pervious $2.5 million award won by an Alabama teen that grew 46 DD breasts after taking J&J’s controversial drug.

Young men who have been diagnosed with gynecomastia after taking Risperdal under a doctor’s guidance are encouraged to reach out for legal assistance. Bonsignore Trial Lawyers are evaluating Risperdal cases – free of charge – for individuals who want to explore their rights to legal compensation.

$70 million Risperdal verdict won by teen

As evidenced by their unanimous decision, the Philadelphia jury determined that Johnson & Johnson and its Janssen unit acted with gross negligence in their marketing strategies to children, before Risperdal had been tested and FDA approved for this vulnerable demographic. Court documents further showed that the defendants downplayed their knowledge of a causal relationship between Risperdal and gynecomastia.

This landmark $70 million verdict marks the fifth loss for J&J, which presently faces some 1,500 cases involving Risperdal-induced breast growth. The lawsuits have been consolidated in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, where other cases are slated to be tried.

J&J intends to challenge the judgement and contends that the drug label provided sufficient warnings about possible side effects, including gynecomastia. “We believe this verdict is not justified by the evidence, and that the award is clearly excessive and far out of line with any factual assessment of actual damages,” said Kristina Chang, a spokeswoman for Janssen.

The verdict serves as a potent reminder of J&J’s troubled history regarding Risperdal marketing. In 2012, the pharmaceutical giant paid $2.2 billion to resolve civil and criminal allegations that it illegally marketing Risperdal to the elderly and children. Though the penalty was massive, J&J made no admissions of liability.

Consultation with Risperdal attorneys

Over the past 30 years, the Bonsignore product liability attorneys have secured millions of dollars for clients injured by defective and dangerous products. As our legal team continues to monitor Risperdal litigation coordinated in Pennsylvania, we feel confident that recent verdicts will offer hope to others who have been harmed by the drug.

Settlement negotiations may soon be on the horizon as other cases are heading to trial. To learn more about your rights to compensation for Risperdal side effects, our lawyers are available 24/7. Partner with a law firm known for its honesty, determination and results, call us today at 1-888-461-8710.


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