Risperdal Lawsuit

In the two decades that Johnson & Johnson (J&J) subsidiary Janssen’s atypical antipsychotic medication, Risperdal, has been on the market, boys and men across the country have suffered the serious and embarrassing side effect of gynecomastia, or male breast growth. The law recognizes the rights of victims of defective drugs to be compensated for their injuries and nearly 2,000 victims have already filed Risperal lawsuits seeking just that.

If you have developed a serious side effect such as gynecomastia after taking Risperdal, trust Bonsignore Trial Lawyers. We see a matter through to ensure you receive maximum compensation.

Risperdal pill bottleWho can file a risperdal lawsuit?

Anyone who has taken Risperdal and as a result suffered a recognized loss may be eligible to file a Rispedal lawsuit. In the case of a minor who has taken the drug, his parents may be able to file on his behalf.

Some of the losses for which Risperdal plaintiffs have already received compensation include reimbursement for:

  • Medical expenses, including breast removal and reconstructive surgery
  • Emotional suffering
  • Physical damages
  • Loss of income

If you have suffered emotional or financial loss as a result of taking Risperdal, contact Bonsignore Trial Lawyers to discuss your legal options.

Risperdal class action lawsuit

Given the widespread reach of Risperdal injuries, many people may assume that there is a Risperdal class action lawsuit. However, defective drug lawsuits are not typically filed as class actions. Instead, they may be pooled together in multi-district litigation, or MDL.

In a class action, all of the victims must have suffered the same injury, like a certain unreasonable fee charged by a defendant bank, and then one class representative represents all of the victims in a single lawsuit.

In an MDL, on the other hand, each of the victims has suffered individual losses that can include different types of injuries that vary in severity. The victims each file their own lawsuits that are temporarily combined so that a judge’s pretrial rulings apply to all of them but a settlement with or dismissal of one plaintiff does not necessarily result in a settlement with or dismissal of other plaintiffs. One benefit of MDL is that it brings parties together in a forum that prevents repeating the same pretrial actions over and over while encouraging settlement.

Risperdal lawsuit information

In 1993, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Risperdal to treat schizophrenia in adults but in 2005, it required the manufacturer to include a Black Box Warning that use by people with dementia could cause death. The following year, a study by Duke University found a connection between Risperdal and male breast development, as well as female lactation before puberty.

Risperdal as not approved for children until 2007 and even then, it was only approved to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. In 2008, a report found that 7 out of 10 cases of male breast growth in children were related to Risperdal.

The first gynecomastia lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson was filed in 2010 by a 21-year-old man who alleged that he took the drug between 1994 and 2004, before it was approved for use in children. In 2012, Johnson & Johnson reached a $181 million settlement with the government over charges that the company had promoted off-label use by children and downplayed the drug’s side effects. Hundreds of lawsuits were soon filed over the side effects of Risperdal, including gynecomastia. J&J settled a half dozen lawsuits within the first two months. Nearly 2,000 more are pending in the MDL in Philadelphia.

Risperdal lawsuit settlements

Parties in MDL proceedings keep a close watch on what are referred to as bellwether trials – test cases that give each side an idea about how a jury receives their case. J&J has been hit with enormous jury verdicts in its first few trials, which may encourage it to enter into Risperdal settlements.

Because –unlike in a class action – each MDL plaintiff retains his own individual lawsuit, each Risperdal lawsuit settlement can be tailored to each plaintiff’s loss. This means a young boy who develops large breasts may receive a larger settlement than an elderly man who develops smaller breasts.

Risperdal gynecomastia lawsuit: step by step

If you have suffered from male breast development after taking Risperdal, you should:

  • Speak with a Risperdal lawyer as soon as possible. State and federal laws limit how long a plaintiff has to file a lawsuit
  • File a complaint most likely in your local federal district court. Your Risperdal lawyer can discuss whether there are procedural reasons to file in a different location.
  • Move to join the Risperdal MDL to take advantage of the discovery, other pre-trial litigation, and settlement discussions that other parties have already begun.
  • Participate in court-directed talks with opposing counsel. Most of these will actively involve your lawyers rather than you personally but you need to be available as well. Often these lead to settlement opportunities.
  • Go to trial if the parties cannot reach a settlement earlier.

An experienced dangerous drug lawyer can walk you through what may seem like a confusing process. Bonsignore Trial Lawyers is never afraid to go up against big businesses to protect innocent victims. If you have experienced male breast growth related to Risperdal, call us today at 866-600-3890 for a free case evaluation.

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