Whether you are an experienced lawyer ready to give your client the advantage of teaming with specialized counsel or this is your first time litigating against a big corporation, we invite you to join Bonsignore Trial Lawyers PLLC in a co-counsel relationship. The challenge of case management and team-building is to make communication happen.  We invite you to contact our office now to discuss how we can help you help your client.

Lawyers everywhere, who for years have fostered business and personal relationships with their clients, often find themselves in a position in which they are trying to help a client in an area they do not specialize in. Alternatively a client’s needs exceed a law firm’s assets or compensation structure. Bonsignore Trial Lawyers PLLC is willing, upon request, to take on any case on a contingency basis. We also have the resources and financial means to prosecute any case against any defendant.  We can help you serve your clients when their needs differ from your area of practice or exceed what you can, or are willing to litigate on your own.

Co-counsel relationships help define Bonsignore Trial Lawyers PLLC.  We have worked with hundreds of lawyers from across the country in co-counsel relationships and proudly state we can provide limitless references.

When a case demands particular teamwork, in addition to funding we offer:
• Access to preeminent expert witnesses;
• Trial lawyers who prepare each case for trial and will try the case;
• Experience and success litigating against largest, wealthiest and most powerful corporate defendants. We have resolved cases against Big Tobacco, Wal-Mart as well automotive, pharmaceutical and medical device corporations.

If your Lawyer needs help, have him or her

Is your lawyer looking for help on your case?  Lawyers often do need help and sometimes are not sure where to turn. We do not cut lawyers out of cases we work on and insure they are compensated fairly. We are willing to work with your lawyer to help them help you.